Sixteen studies for a study 73x55.jpg
Sixteen studies for a study Acrylic on board 80x60 cm SOLD
Jesus etc Mixed media 100x70cm private collection
Hello universe mixed media 55x55cm Private collection
Squib and tingle 28x28.JPG
Woozy 28x28.jpg
Squib and tingle Acrylic on board 25x25cm Private collection
Woozy  Acrylic on board 25x25cm 
Reworked imagination.JPG
Where have all the flowers gone? Mixed media on paper 74x74cm Private collection
Narcissist mixed media 74x74cm Private collection
Little movies  mixed media 56x66cm Private collection
Soggy psychedelia Mixed media  27x26.JPG
Soggy psychedelia mixed media 27x36cm Private collection
The last drinks mixed media size 26x26.J
 The last drinks mixed media 26x26cm Private collection
Needlepoint wonder  Ink on book cover 70x49cm
Shopping for a shamen mixed media 32x54.
Shopping for a shamen mixed media 32x54cm
It never stops mixed media 100x70cms
The end of silence.jpg
The end of silence Mixed media on board 65x95cm private collection
Dale-3 (1).jpg
Medicine man mixed media 26 x 26cm private collection
Dale-2 (1).jpg
The invisibles mixed media 26 x 26cm private collection
Primary still life.jpg

Primary Still Life mixed media on board Private collection

Pink Still Life II.jpg

Pink still Life I Mixed media 25x25cm


Orange county Mixed media 100x70cms Private collection

Attention to life mixed media 24x19cm Private collection

Still Life gallery   26x20cm Private collection

Propositions for stupid still lifes Acrylic on board  41x89cm Private collection
IMG_1616 (1).JPG
193 Still life possibilities Acrylic on board 41x 98cm
flower painting 2.JPG

Fantasist  Acrylic on board 25x25cm private collection

Some of these works are still available. please contact me at for more information