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Although not primarily known as a painter, Dale was, in fact ,trained as a painter during his first degree at Leicester Polytechnic (1981-84). It was the Covid pandemic that renewed his involvement this medium and this more pensive and reflective activity now remains a key activity in Dale's working life. The slower pace of these works feed directly into his printmaking whilst the enamel works forge a bridge between the two.

Utopia Oil on board 76x50cms SOLD

Hieroglyphs from a dead planet Oil on board 90x60cm £800

Heading 2

Widescreen oil on board 90x120cms
Mercator projected Oil on board 100 x78cm 
large painting.jpg
Jump off point Acrylic on board 1200x1200 cm Private collection
Big flat painting.jpg
Big Flat painting Oil on board 1250x1250cm private collection

Wild Life Mixed media on board 100x100cm £1000

Galleria oil on board 70x58cm  £600

Colour field still Life oil on board 100x100cm Private collection

          Flat White oil on board 100x100cm £1000

Dark still Life oil on board 100x100cm £1000

1000 reasons_edited.jpg

1000 reasons why (not)  oil on canvas 200x200cm P.O.A

Hieroglyphics from a dead .jpg

Hieroglyphs from a dead planet mixed media 76x50cm £650

New enamels

Zoom Zoom vitreous enamel on steel 12x12 cm Sold

The last Act vitreous enamel on steel 12x12 cm £150

Cold Abstract vitreous enamel on copper 12x15 cm £150

Exposed vitreous enamel on steel 12x12 cm £280

Aye Aye vitreous enamel on steel 12x12 cm £150

Northern twilight vitreous enamel on copper 12x12 cm Sold

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