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This page is dedicated to Dale's love of all things swimming related. A keen competitive swimmer since the age of five, Dale began celebrating this activity in his art during a residency at a swimming pool in 1989 .To date , he has made around 150 different images celebrating this personal history.


The Butterflyer Linocut, 22x22cm £200(only two left in the edition)




The Sprinter

Linocut, 22x22cm £180




Kicker Linocut, 22x22cm 1 copy left £200




Head On

Linocut,  Edition of 25 22x22cm £180



High elbows revisited.JPG

High elbows revisited  Linocut, 22x22cm £200




The Start

Linocut, 22x22cm (1 copy left) £200



The backstrokers revisited.JPG


The Backstrokers – Second Heat revisited

Linocut, 22x22cm £200




Backstrokers at dawn

Linocut, 22x22cm  (two copies left) £200



Cascading swimmers.jpg

Cascading swimmers Unique linocut image size 22x22cm . Other colour options available £150


Mini Superhero

Unique Linocut, 22x22cm sold




Synchronicity Unique linocut 22x22cm image size . Other colour combinations available £150


Twenty Five Swimmers

Linocut, 22x22cm £150




A Host of Butterflyers

Linocut, 22x22cm £200




A Certain Mr Phelps

Linocut, 22x22cm £140




Way out in Front

Linocut, 22x22cm £200




The Perfect Start

Linocut 22x22cm  £140



Ten pictures about swimming

A portfolio of lithographs.
50 deluxe,
50 standard.
Each lithograph is 7cm x 7cm on papersize 22cm x 19cm.
Prices: £300 with hard backed portfolio. £250 without portfolio (prices include p&p).

Some of these miniatures are also available individually at £30 each. Contact me for further information

Done much training?


The art of the start.

Mixed relay.

High elbows.

The perfect start.

Way out in front.

It's all about rhthym.

A host of flyers.


Underwater Love.


Girl by a pool.

The Team.jpg
The Team  Linocut 12x12cm £75
Flotsam and Jetsom.jpg
Flotsam and Jetsam linocut 18x13cm £75
Pool scene.jpg
Pool scene linocut sold
Percy and Vera.jpg
Percy and Vera linocut  15x20cms 1 COPY LEFT £75
Girl by a lanerope.jpg
Girl by a lanerope  Linocut £60
Breather Linocut 15x20cm Sold out
Two swimmers Linocut 12x12cm £75


The Perfect Finish

Lithograph, 20x20cm £120





Lithograph, 57x57cm £350




The Superheroes II

Lithograph, 57x57cm on paper size 75x75cm £350




The Superheroes

Lithograph, 57x57cm on paper size 75x75cm £350




Flower Hero

Lithograph, 57x57cm on paper size 75x75cm £350





Lithograph, 57x57cm on paper size 75x75cm £350




Spirit of the Sea II

Unique Silkscreen, 80x60cm £300




Spirit of the Sea III

Unique Silkscreen, 80x60cm £300




The comeback

Linocut, 30x30cm on paper size 76x50cm £150





Linocut, 30x30cm £200




The second comeback

Linocut 25x25cm £240



1st new swim.jpg
Take your marks Linocut 14x10cm £50
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