Vitreous Enamels

Oops upside your head 100x100cm

Another day in paradise 75x75cm private collection

Idioteque 23x23cm
Bulb spirit 18x25cm sold
Untitled  25x25xm  collection of the artist

 Blues don't change 25x25cm 


Blissed out and wobbly 30x30cm private collection


Life of a Girl 75x75cm



The art of almost 23x21cm
Gods enamel on copper 23x23xcm
Another day in paradise 75x75cm private collection
Tweedledee and Tweedledum 28 x 60cm private collection
Just because 23x21cm 
Eating, touching 19x15cm
Pot kettle black 17x24cm
Mimmo's dream 20x22cm


Hipster 75x50cm



Downbeat shadows 23x21cm


Hybrid 30x30cm




Rebel  50x60cm



Dream chaos vitreous enamel on steel 40x50cm



Life is completely interesting 25x25cm private collection
Eye test 25x20cm
A day in the life of a boy 75x75cm
The state I'm in  60x40cm
Other languages 23x23cm
Music for the deaf 19x13
Making sense 23x21cm
Metallic A 18x13cm
From the ashes 18x13cm
Fire cloud 13x18cm
Burning bushes 13x18cm