'The descent revisited' Unique linocut £200

Norwegian trees 20x16cm

Still Life Within a Still Life




Man Startled by a Whisper




Large studio still life 12x10cm
'Impromptu Flowers'  Image size 12x10cm £65 each


Bits and Pieces 22x22cm £150



Connectivity  linocut 25x25cm £220
2nd Bernard still life unique lino 17x 11cm £58
Everyday flowers unique linocut  17x12cm £58
' Station stop' unique linocut 12x9cm 
'Italian train journey' unique linocut 12x9cm 
'Window seat' unique linocut 12x9cm
'Wotsit' unique lino 25x25cm £180


'From A to Z' linocut 25x25cm £180



Welcome to Paradise dot com 30x30cm




Personnage Jug





Deco Flower still Life 20x12cm



Untitled monoprint image size 12x12cms                                                 Untitled chine colle image size 12x12cms

Play On linocut 20x28cm £200



A bigger lunch Unique linocut 20x28cm


Alchemic Landscape12x12cm £58




Geometric Lunch12x12cm




Eccentric Still Life 12x12cm



Interior Unique linocut  12 x10cms                   Jug with fruits unique linocut  12x10cms 

'After K.V' Unique linocut 16x10cms


14x10cm £35




Connected Thought




Tequila and Tantrums





Creative Hand

14x10cm sold




Man Stretching for His Future




Trip Over the Carpet




The Grey Vase

27x9cm sold




The North land unique 18x25cm  £75

The Green Vase

27x9cm sold



Fellowship of the sea linocut 25x19cms £75
Linked in (I'm lovin it) unique linocut 30x30cm
God's ringtone Unique linocut 30x30cm

Tweet No Evil unique linocut 30x30cm



Geometric island linocut 12x12 cm (image size)

A new landscape 12x12 cm (image size)

Sea village linocut 12x12 cm (image size)